March 7, 1934

The Dramateurs was organized from dramatic art educational classes at the Norristown YWCA by Miss Louella E. Mullin.  Club officers were elected: Lemuel Geyer, president; Dorothy Lawler, secretary; Katherine Carn, librarian.  The idea to organize a little theater group was born during the presentation of She Stoops to Conquer for the benefit of the YWCA.

Charter members of the group included: Louella Mullin, Katherine Carn, Kathryn Beisel, Dorothy Buchenhorst, Betty Buchenhorst, Eleanor Buchenhorst, Bryce Manthorne, Merrill Eastwood, William Clark, Burke Allerton, Lemuel Geyer, Herbert Dewees, Rhetta Farrington and Ernest Wynn.  The name "The Dramateurs" was chosen by vote from a list submitted by members. It was suggested by Lemuel Geyer.

May 5, 1934

The name "The Dramateurs" was registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Registrations.

February 17, 1937

The group decided to rent and remodel a barn located at Christopher Street and Rittenhouse Boulevard, Far View Farms, Jeffersonville, PA. The barn dates from 1723.

May 8, 1937

The players were incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Sept. 8, 1939

After hundreds of hours of volunteer labor and $2000, the Barn Playhouse opened with a production of The Shining Hour.

January 25, 1940

West Norriton Township issued a Certificate of Registration For Non-Conforming Use to the group.

March 28, 1947

It was announced at the group’s annual banquet and dance that an agreement had been signed to purchase The Barn.





About The Dramateurs, Inc. at the Barn Playhouse

The Barn Playhouse

The Barn Playhouse is owned and operated by The Dramateurs, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation. Since 1934, the group has pursued the goal that was laid out when it was organized: "To stimulate greater interest in dramatic art and literature in Norristown and its vicinity through educational programs." The group has presented a summer season of plays at The Barn Playhouse in Jeffersonville every year since 1937.

Joining the Group

You are most welcome to get involved in the activities of The Dramateurs, Inc. Community theater is a great way to have fun and meet people. The easiest way to get involved is to us via e-mail. If you prefer to contact the group by phone, call 610- 539-BARN (610-539-2276) and follow the voice mail options to the Board of Directors. Leave your name and phone number and a Board member will call you back to let you know what’s going on and to discuss how you can get involved. If you are driving by the Barn, please stop in. If you're ready to become a member, just download our membership form!

More Information

Additional details of the history of the Dramateurs organization and the Barn Playhouse can be found to the left. For information about the shows that have been performed, including cast, crew, and photos of our more recent productions, review our production history.

To view a copy of the organizations By-laws, click here.

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